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Featured Products

Emergency Food Storage

Thrive Freeze Dried Foods

This nutrient dense food source has a VERY long shelf life. They have a wide variety of proteins, carbs, grains, fruits, vegetables and even deserts. Can be stored for emergencies or used everyday!

​Berkey Water Filtrations Systems 

Our top choice for back-up or day to day water purification. From Bacteria to Heavy Metals to come chemicals. 

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Everyday Carry Kit


Emergency Rain Poncho for Grab & Go or Car Kit


Berkey Advanced Water Filters

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Buy Berkey Water Filter
The Ultimate "Go" Berky Water filtration Kit

Fire, Light, Cooking

Biolight Stove & USB Charger
(Fuel = twigs & organic)
Tactical Flashlight

Road Flare 3 pack for Car Kit

Bic Lighters

Ferro Rod Fire Starter

Emergency LED Plug-in Back-up Light



Resqume Car Escape Tool


Health, Hygiene & Safety

Poo Powder - Grid Down human waste sanitation for when you have no running water

Recommended Books

When Technology Fails
When Disaster Strikes
Disaster Preparedness Guide
Urban & Suburban Survival Guide
Herbal Antivirals - Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections
Herbal Antibiotics - Natural Alternatives for Drug-Resistant Bacteria
The Resilient Gardener - Growing Food in a Changing Climate
2-Way Radio & Scanning Book