Getting Started in Disaster Preparedness
Aug 25

What You Need to Know, a FREE Mini Course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Extreme Weather , Prepared Lifetyle

What You Need to Know, A FREE Audio
Mini Course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

One of the primary goals of Changing World is to help our community be better prepared for the many changes happening in the world right now. This means making the steps towards emergency and disaster preparedness practical and realistic in our already full lives.

We also strive to stay positive, there is enough bad news in the world already.

Practical - Prepared - Positive, that is the motto.

I was asked to be interviewed on a Radio Show called, "Uplifting Things," a show focusing on stories of positive and amazing things happening in the world. I thought, "what an excellent context to chat about emergency and disaster preparedness in, Uplifting Things."

To me, feeling better prepared, adaptable and resilient, is very uplifting. 

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